About Uniqke

Uniqke was created by women for women. Uniqke is geared towards women of all ethnic groups who exude confidence, charisma, and courage. The swimwear has an elegance to it that accentuates a woman's curves.

The cuts were made for women of all types, whether it be reserved, outgoing, or a little bit of both. We want those who are a little more on the reserved side to still feel as sexy and beautiful as the queens they are, by showing a little bit of back action. We couldn't forget the outgoing women, who naturally "stand out"! We believe all women have a little "sassy" side to them and we want to bring forth this personality!

We use velvet fabrics with vibrant colors to make sure you "stand out queen!". Our fabrics are hand picked and sewn to perfection. We do have a blend of fabrics used but velvet is our niche. 

Why velvet?

Because it's new, refreshing, soft, appealing! We make sure our customers feel their best when they step out in our pieces. 

What to look forward to in the future..

You can expect more goodness from us! We are dedicated to ensuring we satisfy our customers with each and every design we create. We plan to incorporate some African prints to our velvet made swimsuits in the near future, with exciting cuts!